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In the 1980s, Richard Garriott created a cultural innovation in computer games in Ultima IV by developing a system of secular virtues, which guided the main character beyond a wholesale slaughter of enemies and into an ethical dilemma of doing the right thing.

I’ve been a fan of the Ultima series since 1987, when my dad bought us Ultima III for the Atari ST computer. After that, I continued my adventure with Ultima VI, VIII, IX, Ultima Online, and more, courtesy of the intellectual work of Richard Garriott.

During this conversation, Richard Garriott (AKA Lord British) and I discuss ethics, morals, religion, current events, and some of the history of the seminal Ultima series of games.

As I say in the podcast, I think technology without ethics is pointless. So I think we can learn a lot from the system developed by Richard over 30 years ago now.

Hope you enjoy it.